10 Prescriptions
for a Somewhat Sick Church

Lars Dunberg is a phenomenon, a renaissance man for our times. A Bible scholar, evangelist, pastor, writer, publisher, action man, and above all, a down to earth communicator. When it comes to telling the basic things of the Christian life, no one does it better.

-General John Larson, Former World Leader, The Salvation Army

10 Prescriptions for a Somewhat Sick Church

Do you remember the old days when cameras had actual film in them? We had to hold up the negative film to the light to see what the positive picture would look like. This book contains some “negative to the light” thinking, but the goal is a positive outcome.

Over the past 40 years, author Lars Dunberg has visited and spoken in churches all over the world, of every possible denomination, and talked with pastors, church leaders, members and denominational leaders. He has observed the common illnesses and ailments of which churches everywhere complain, and has come to the conclusion that the church around the world is somewhat sick; in desperate need of a diagnosis and of the right kind of medication for its problems.

His book Ten Prescriptions for a Somewhat Sick Church is not written for theologians – perhaps not even for pastors. It is written for the person in the pew. It is time for the silent “pew fillers” to come to life and dare to make church what Jesus wants it to be.

A healthy church is an awesome tool in the hands of the Lord. If the gospel is going to be preached to all nations before Christ returns, it will happen within and through a healthy church.


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About The Author

Dr. Lars Dunberg

Dr. Lars Dunberg is originally from Sweden, having been involved in Bible work for most of his life. He has served as president for the International Bible Society (Biblica) and for organizations such as Global Action and ServeNow.

During his ministry he has visited 85 countries and addressed over 51,000 pastors

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10 Prescriptions
for a Somewhat Sick Church