30 Days to Change Your Thinking. . .

30 Days to Change Your Life!

Unlike commentaries that only enlighten our understanding of the text, Kjell Axel Johanson’s daily reflections on Ephesians enable the reader to experience Christ in Ephesians with its author, Paul. This is truly a life-changing book.

- Kerry and Chris Shook, founders of the Woodlands Church

Rise Above Your Chains

Our thought patterns define us. In a very powerful way, our deepest beliefs determine our experience. The Bible says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” This should give us an idea about the true meaning and importance of our thoughts. We can choose to accept some thoughts as true and others as false. If we accept thoughts that are less than constructive, they can lock us into harmful patterns of behavior. Those accepted ideas become deep beliefs which affect us and the world around us.

Rise Above Your Chains  invites us to take 30 days to let God change our minds. He does it by gently replacing old, less helpful thought patterns with new, good and creative ones that only he can give. God spoke the universe into existence, and his words still have creative power. If we let God’s words do their work, our lives will be changed. When our minds accept his ideas, we can truly rise above our chains.


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About The Author

Rev. Kjell Axel Johanson

is a minister from Sweden who has worked with Greater Europe Mission, pastored the Elim chucrh in Stockholm that more than doubled in attendance.

Lately he has served as the Dean of the Woodlands Seminary, affiliated with the Woodlands Church, Texas.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life!

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