Lars Dunberg

 Lars Dunberg is originally from Sweden and has lived in Britain and the U.S. As former president of International Bible Society and Global Action he has ministered in over 70 countries, in churches of every possible denomination and background.

He and his wife Doreen make their home
in Colorado Springs.



Featured BOOKS

Featured BOOKS

Jan Erixon

Was born in Sweden 1940 after training at West hill Training College, Birmingham, England he spent four years at the Covenant Theological Seminary in Stockholm 1961-1965.After a short pastorate, Jan Erixon worked on the staff of the Covenant Church of Sweden, with his later years focused on Mission in Russia. He is married to Sonia and lives in Älvängen, Sweden

Someone Visited my Soul

The Spiritual Journey of Fyodor Dostoyevsky


MARCH 2014


Rise Above Your Chains


Available Now


So what is Truth?




Little Cowboy Hat




Ryan, Ellie and Katelyn Go to Paris




Good Job

What you did not expect to find in the Bible




Greg Ralston

Greg Ralston is the pastor of Living Hope Covenant Church in Colorado Springs, with a special desire to minister to younger people regarding the “big issues “of life. His book on truth comes out of a set of talks he gave in 2013.

Jenna Sommers

Jenna is an unpublished children’s author wanting to write for the age group 2-3. She lives with her husband and children age 2 and 4 in Castle Rock, CO.

Lois Sprague

Lois is an established children book illustrator who lives in Woodland Park and is working with Mountainbrook Press on several projects for children.

Sheeba R. Subhan Dass

 Sheeba R. Subhan Dass works for ServeNow in India and lives with her husband Abhineet in Dehra Dun, north of Delhi. She has been suffering with physical pain for years and is writing with that in mind about the book of Job.


Kjell Axel Johanson

Kjell Axel Johanson, trained at Wheaton and DTS, was the founding pastor of the Meeting Place Church as well as the senior pastor of the Elim Church in Sweden. He has worked closely with the Willowcreek Association. His book is on Ephesians and the life of Paul.

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